Abbie’s Story

Dedicated To The Memory of Our Sweet Abbie

Daughter of John & Beth, little sister to Jack, Sam, & Ben, Abigail Catherine Bachmore was a sweet, smart, inquisitive, and gentle 12-year-old girl, overflowing with life, curiosity, and love for her family, friends, and all those she encountered. She passed away on February 7, 2021, due to complications from acute onset Diabetic Keto Acidosis. From the initial diagnosis to the time of her passing was less than 72 hours. Her connection with her family remains unbinding, and her absence is felt each and every day

In her 12 short years, Abbie made more of a difference in people’s lives than most of us can do in a lifetime. She lived for the day and exuded an energy that made her a favorite among teachers and classmates. She possessed a (not quiet) confidence and personality that drew others near. She just knew who she was and how she wanted to make others feel. In her final act of kindness, Abbie donated multiple organs so that others could have the gift of life.

This foundation’s goal is to continue Abbie’s gift of spreading kindness, joy, and inclusion through scholarship, education, and grants. Additionally, we strive to raise awareness for pediatric organ donation and the symptoms of type 1 diabetes in children.

To know her, one had to look no further than her choice in greeting classmates every morning, “What’s up ma-homies?” to get a sense of Abbie’s carefree spirit. Often sporting a humungous pink Comfy, fuzzy socks, and leggings – her playful spirit always was on exhibit to anyone she crossed paths with.

Abigail C Bachmore Memorial Foundation Inc.